EP 2 Nicolas O’Rourke

Sacred Activism

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Nicolas O’Rourke is the head Pastor at Living Water United Church of Christ and A Community Organizer for POWER, a nonprofit in the Philadelphia area doing interfaith work, and social justice advocacy by bringing people from all different faith traditions together to work towards dismantling systems of oppression such as classism, racism, climate change.

Nicolas O’Rourke is a strong proponent of social justice and spiritual awareness. In his work, he focuses on dismantling the effect of mass incarceration, police brutality towards people of color, and combating Islamophobia within the city of Philadelphia. He is a trained Theologian and considers himself a “sacred activist” and believes that the work of the people, our activist and our spiritual lives should be one and the same. It is his work to struggle for the rights of people with Divine guidance.

With Episode 2 we talk about liberation theology, mass incarceration, and police brutality against people of color. And how our political and social system since formed tend to marginalize the poor and people of color. Nicolas and I also discuss tools for bringing social justice and systemic change to deepen our engagement with our community and offer a bit of hope for our local and global communities...